Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Risk taking lesson

description: in the last few weeks me and 19 others have been in a group where we took risks.the last lesson we had was about taking risks in our we got to teach the lesson to 4-3 other people. I had aria,Atlanta,Sophie and tabitha.the lesson was about helping them with someone that is risky. You made a action plan to help you accomplish the risk .they send me some feedback and feedforward.
Here it is- arias Thanks Max for explaining everything in detail and making it easy for us to understand. Next time you could sound a bit more confident. Thanks for being a great coach.thanks aria.
Atlanta Thank you 4 being an amazing and inspiring coach you helped us recognise and achive our goal, next time you could maybe be a little bit fasterThank you from Atlanta. 
Tabitha Thank you Max, I loved the way you explained everything in detail, Thanks again.
Yours Sincerely. Sophie Thanks you Max, for you helping and being a great teacher. You did a great job putting up with a group of girls.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Art portfolio 2016 T3

Description:in the past few weeks we have been making self portraits with marks that told a story about us.first we made a page in our book of different marks that we could put in our portrait.then we made a A3 sheet of tests like trying to blend colours.once we finish that we made our portrait and then put our marks in the room left.then coloured them in and our face.

Feedback/feedforward: I like how you added things that are bigger in your life but next time I think that you could add more colours.kyan

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Et reo portfolio post

Description: in et roe this term we have been learning about whakatauki. Whakatauki in English means proverb. it is some thing to live by and it can give wisdom . That first whakatauki we did was he aha the mea nui o te ao he tangata he tangata he tangata witch meanswhat is the most important thing in the world the people the people the people.once we had learnt the whakatauki we went on to making a picture of our self  and put it on the wall. We made people because the whakatauki was about people being the most important thing in the world. Add on: in the last 2weeks me Loki and Louis made a mountain out of cardboard and paper the whakatauki was whāia the iti kahuarangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei. Witch means don't  trip on a pebble trip over a lofty mountain. For this whakatauki we could chose our own action.

Feedback/feedforward: I like how neat you made your person. Next time you could try and get it done quicker. Tane

Evaluation:I found whakatauki saying the whakatauki hard at first but now I can say it a lot better now. Next time I could finish my people to a higher standard.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Book buddies

Description:in reading we have been doing book buddies.were you and your buddie chose a book and read and Houston are reading the big game. In book buddies time you and your buddie chose a card to work on like one time me and Houston did a card where you make a 3D thing from your book  .

Feedback/feedforward:I thin that you and Houston work really well together because the slide is showing me that but next time  maybe tell us what card your talking about

Evaluation:I think so far am doing well with the activity and we are nearly finished the time I could make sure that I read up to and don't read past the chapter that we decided on.

Writing portfolio sample

Description: in writing I have been learning to use descriptive words.we made a slide called r.i.p bad  words. where words like good you could use top notch.we got are inspiration from a video that Troy show us about how tennis ball are made.from that we rote down what pop up in our I got the idea of pop cakes from the machine that shapes the tennis balls.once we had ideas we chose some and put them together like dough and rubber.

Here is the slide Feedback/feedforward: I like how specific you were with the competition. Next time you could use better punctuation. Tane.

Evaluation:I think that next time I could make my story more exciting and detail.but I think I have a great story