Sunday, 31 July 2016

Discovery time week 2

Today I play imaginz and with the awesome rubber band gun the hunter made .The challenge I found in the imaginz war was making a base out of the material your team had .Ilearn that rubber bands are very powerful if you use them right.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

In the past few days we have been doing math here are photos

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Discovery time

Today we had Discovery time.I helped take apart a fan and played imaginz war.i discovered that imaginz are fun to make guns and walls and houses 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


 Description: this is what i did for maths today 
Here is the problem 

Luke Howard

 Description :last week we watched a video about how the clouds got there names.we made notes to remember and then turned them into a story.

Luke Howard was fascinated in clouds, he spent most of his time in class looking out at the clouds. Luke wanted to be a meteorologist but he was a pharmacist.after years of observation he noticed that the clouds have lots so shapes but one form.he came up with Latin names for the clouds. Stratus means a sheet of clouds cumulus is a heap of clouds and cirrus is Latin for a string of hair. When clouds form together they make clouds like cumulonimbus which is the cloud that has lots of water and sometimes lightning.j.w.von Goethe and Percy Shelley wrote poems about him and his clouds.john constable sent two summers painting the clouds.thanks to Luke Howard meteorologist today can predict what that weather will be.


 Description: on the last week of school I did my slc with Troy.
1) How do you think you did on your SLC? What was the highlight?i think that my slc went really well. my highlight was shareing Japanese with my  parents 
2) What did you do differently to make your SLC stand out?i didn't read off the come from the heart.
3) How will you make your Home Led Conference in Term 3 be awesome? What things might you do to make it awesome?next time I could my post to a higher standard 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Et roe

Description: every Monday afternoon I do et roe. This term we were learning a new song  aotearoa and how to say things on the table like fruit and veg we play a game to help us learn.after you learnt the fruits and vegetables you chose how you or your group would share what you leant and how to help others learn.  me luke and Sam made a kahoot.

  Feedback/feedforward: I like how you explained what task you did but maybe next time say how many questions you had. Patrick

Evaluation:next time I could add more questions in the kahoot but I think that I did the kahoot to a high standard.