Thursday, 31 March 2016

Massey University

Description: today we met student from Massey University came to school and we were showing them our learning on our blog. we each talked to someone different I talked to Nicolas.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

El rancho horses 2016 writing portfolio

Description:when we got back from camp on the first day back we put all of our ideas in our writer note book. Then we chose what we would write we have a way of wirting called pies p for persuade I inform e for entertain and s for self I chose inform. Once we finshed we re-crafted our wirting and once were happy with it we put it on docs.

Feedforward/feedback: I like that your story is quite detailed. but next time you could write more. Tane n

 Evaluation:next time I do this I would write more like tane said.but I think that I put  lots detail.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Family tree

Description:every  Monday afternoon we have been making our family tree some people can go back far.i can only go back to my grandparents. we learned the māori words mum is fire and dad is pāpā. Or my older bothers are called tuakana.

I don't know some of the names.

Feedback/feedforward: next time you could go little bit further in generations but other then that it is cool. I like how you done it on paper it is amazing. Jacob s 

Evaluation: next time I could ask for some help from my famlit so I could go back further like Jacob said.

2016 camp portfolio post

 Description:On Tuesday the 8 of March we went to Camp El rancho in waikenae for 4 days. We had 10 activities to do horses,rafting,kayaking,pool,water slide,archery lots of activities. My 2 favourite were 1 horses and 2 archery. Horses was my favourite thing because i have never been on a horses before. I went on rusty he was really slow. In archery I got a 4 a 3 and a 1. On Wednesday we walked to the beach a made a sand Castle and then made a hunt out of wood and sand with Hunter Loki and Jayden. That Night we had a bomb fire and made s'mores. After that we played spotlight then went to bed. Thursday night we had our last skit practice. Then parents came and we had our camp concert. My group did a Shadow play I was bear grills. After that the parents that came and helped on camp played pie in the face. Nic put wiped cream on it and when you clicked it around and it might fling cream at your face. On Friday we packed up and when on the bus to levin we went on the playground. After that when we were leaving from levin they sing me happy birthday and gave me a yummy birthday cake.

Camp Diary:

Feedforward/feedback: I like how you challenged yourself with keeping your cabin tidy. Next time try to write neater. Tane 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Good and bad listening

Description:we have been learning about  types of  listening. Active listening me to listening and Busy Bella and zoey made a 30 Second movie about them.

Big idea: active listening is when you listen to what they are saying and wait for your turn to talk. Busy listening is when the person is talking they are looking around the room and not to listening is when someone is talking and the another person and they did something similar and start talking about that.

Fb I like the way you had a loud voice 
FF you need to work on the speed I bit slower
Angus m

Evaluation:next time we could of talked slower like Angus said.i think that we explained the different types of listening clearly. I need to work on active listening because a some times get distracted.

My one word 2016

Description: First we chose our one word. My one word is leadership I choose leadership because I wanted to improve of my leadership skills.Then we shared them on Twitter. Next we used our word for some art. We got our photo taken and printed like we were holdings signs. We measuredour photo and practice our word in different ways like super heroes animals. To show leadership in my art I put little people in there like one was showing the way. When we were happy with it we put it on good paper and glue it on to our photo.

FF You need to add more detail
Fb I like the way you choose leadership is the kind of the important thing about life 

 evaluation: Next time I need to put more detail in my art like angus said because it is a little simple.So far I think that I have been showing leadership really well.

Camp goals

We are going to camp in  3 days this are my camp goals