Sunday, 18 October 2015

Discovery time

Today in d/t I stated my army of people
I showed creativity by not copying anyone but using my imagination to build what I am building.

I showed agency by not wasting my time.

I showed excellence in building my person 

Next week for d/t I am going to finish the man

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Book bash

title-  inside the game sounded like a really exciting book.I wonder why it's called inside the game when you can't go inside a computer game.

Cover design- it looks like it's going to be a crazy adventure because there is a computer, crown, castle,diamond and splats of blue and pink.

blurb-when it says that Chris was excited to find seven mission in uncle regs computer that hooked me in. I really want to know what the seven mission are.

Prediction-I think that chris and Amy have to complete seven missions before they can leave the computer game.and that through out the seven missions reg comes and plays the game and nearly got suck inside Chris or Amy. 

Q1-I think that Chris want to save the princess more then before because she could read the dragons they knew that it was a trap.

Q2-I think that using more detail makes it more interesting and will hooked the reader in.

Q- will Amy fall into another trap?

Q-how will they get past the mountain beast?

Q-is Chris having fun in the game or does he want to leave?


Hannah & I think that the two most suspenseful moments are when Chris and Amy enter the game.It’s not every day that you get to hop inside a computer game  and can’t get out!

The second most exciting part was when they all had to defend the dogs (wild critters) and climb across the chasm. The author created this exciting moment by explaining  all about the dogs and what they were doing/feeling and explaining Chris, Amy and the little princess feelings. 
Q3- when Chris and the princess fell into the chasm I think that Amy would being feeling really scared because she could drop them. If I was in the chasm I would try to stay still and wait for Friend To get me out.
Q4-I think before you read the book you need to know a little bit about video games.
Q5-(text to text connection)in the story there is a princess was captured but then she got saved in other books with princess they are captured and then saved.
Q6-(text to self)in the story they think the raja birds are dangerous but the princess said that are not dangerous I have had I time were I thought something was dangerous but I was told it was not dangerous.
Q7-text to world) dangerous things are in the world and in the story there are dangerous things too.
When I was at the zoo I saw some big birds but I wasn't scared because they were enclosed in a cage. I have also fallen of things lots of times but I have never fallen down anything before.

I can relate to (the start of the story) Chris playing video games and I can relate to Amy because I like reading books.

Max and I can both relate to Chris and Amy and the little princess when the walked through the bush because Max and I have done the gorge walk and our legs have got tired when we walked up the hills